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Quality, Innovation, Technology, Professional ethics: the values of E.C.M. they evolve hand in hand with the evolution of the window and door market. The objectives remain the same as the origins: satisfy the customer, seek the most suitable solution for every need, guarantee total and personalized involvement, from data collection to production up to installation and after-sales assistance.

Loyalty to the values of competence, conscience and respect for the customer has allowed the Company to complete, in over 60 years of history, an exemplary path that has earned it a solid reputation on the market. E.C.M. produces aluminum and PVC fixtures, doors and windows.

Our company was born in 1960 from the intuition of the founder Mario Cappella, a skilled craftsman of iron and aluminum frames. Upon his premature death, his sons, Marcello and Claudio, gave life in 1978 to the E.C.M., Acronym of Eredi Cappella Mario, with the aim of continuing and strengthening the artisan tradition of the origins.

From here onwards a phase of expansion and growing successes began which culminated in 1985, when E.C.M. moved to Osimo near Ancona, resulting in expansion of the headquarters in 1992, of the workforce and fleet of vehicles. In 2003 the company was transformed into an LLC.

Soon the market, until then polarized on iron processing and aluminum windows, required a new product: PVC windows. In fact, in 2010 the E.C.M. he purchases his second building and begins his internal production of PVC windows. The skillful planning of constant planned company growth led in 2018 to the updating of the showroom layout in the main headquarters and to the purchase of the third production building. In 2020 the Company reaches the milestone of 60th anniversary of history, looking to the future with the same values on which it was founded; important values that were handed down first by Mario and then by Marcello and Claudio to the new generation made up of Gianmario, Mario and Marco, capable of learning the quality of artisan work for years and of reaching this goal by bringing innovation in manufacturing and business management .
That of family management is the backbone of E.C.M., a great strength that allows the company to accompany its co-founder Marcello on a path until his passing in 2023.


Born in Montesicuro, a small fraction of Ancona, from the intuition of the founder Mario Cappella, skilled craftsman of iron and aluminum frames


The E.C.M was born acronym of Eredi Cappella Mario


Transfer to Osimo Scalo, near Ancona


Headquarters expansion


Transformation of the Company into Srl


Purchase of second production building


Start of production of PVC windows


Showroom update


Purchase of a third production building

The team

Born in Ancona on 03/15/1966, he immediately began working at E.C.M. as a craftsman blacksmith. Over time he grows up and becomes a production and assembly manager. Always a lover of iron, you will find it in your home to take measurements and follow you until the work is finished
P.S. he also has a truck license and currently manages the production area.
Born in Ancona on 07/06/1992 and began working at E.C.M. in 2011 as a sales and technical person, following estimates, production and air management of the technical and production office.
Born in Ancona on 10/26/1995 and began working at E.C.M. in 2021 following the Management, Commercial and Technical aspects. He also takes care of the estimate aspect and is responsible for the commercial and management area. If in doubt, he also graduated in Management Engineering in 2021.
He was born in Ancona on 03/07/1997, son of Claudio, and began working at E.C.M. in 2016 covering the roles of administrative accountant and management of administrative and financial obligations, but when in doubt he also gets a truck license! Peculiarity: his name is Mario, in honor of his grandfather (Mario Cappella, founder of E.C.M.).
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