E.C.M. producers of aluminum and PVC fixtures

E.C.M. operates from the ’60s in the production and installation of aluminum and aluminum/wood windows. Our company sells and installs PVC windows, armored doors, interior doors, awnings, insect screens, venetian blinds, sectional doors, shutters and in general all products related to the field of frames.

The evolution of an artisan

E.C.M. produces windows, doors and windows of aluminum and PVC. It born in the 60’s intuitive founder Mario Chapel, skilled craftsman of iron
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Our windows are guaranteed for 10 years!

Our doors are covered by 10-year warranty, which includes settings, calibration, replacement of accessories for factory or construction defects.
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E.C.M. will appeal to a wide range of stakeholders – public bodies, Homebuilders, technical studies and final Clients – with custom designs
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