A window built with quality materials and double-glazed guarantees optimal insulation and is able to considerably reduce heat loss and have great energy savings.
Our PVC and aluminium windows, available in a wide range of colors and finishes, adapt to all styles of homes, both new and renovated.

Our products are a guarantee of quality, last over time, require very little maintenance and are covered by a 10-year guarantee which includes adjustments, calibrations, replacement of accessories due to manufacturing or construction defects. Damage caused by users, wear, improper use of the product, damage due to poor maintenance are excluded from the guarantee.

Aluminum and PVC: quality compared


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Aluminum window profiles are flexible and versatile, and adapt to all needs and styles.

The aluminum used to produce our windows is resistant but light, ideal for the construction of large structures.

Aluminum windows and doors are perfect insulators from both heat and cold with thermal break solutions.

In addition, aluminum windows allow sound insulation, improving the quality of life.

A great quality of our aluminum windows is the energy savings in both heating and cooling of buildings. All our windows are equipped with thermally optimized glass and spacers.

E.C.M. infissi operates only with long-lasting aluminum frames that can withstand all climatic conditions.

Maintenance of aluminum windows is minimal. With little ordinary and normal cleaning, aluminum windows will maintain their initial seal performance qualities and surface beauty.

The profile of an aluminum window can be painted with a wide variety of colors up to innovative wood finishes; often thanks to this versatility, aluminum windows and doors are used in the renovation of period buildings.

Another great property of an aluminum window is that it is completely recyclable, it can therefore be reused without losing its fundamental characteristics.


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In our PVC windows, the gaskets are used both for the sealing between the glass and the profile and for the rebate between the sash and the frame.

PVC windows are compatible with all types of security hardware. The hardware can be fixed directly into the stiffeners. The additional central barrier increases the burglar resistance and, by creating a dry zone, protects the hardware even better against moisture and corrosion.

PVC is by its nature an insulating material. Furthermore, the windows are built with profiles that have an excellent U coefficient.
The U value indicates the level of heat loss of a material or element. A low value means a high yield and guarantees the containment of energy consumption.

PVC also provides excellent acoustic performance, allows the installation of double glazing of different thicknesses. In addition, the gasket, thanks to the large contact surface, contributes to the further reduction of decibels.

The additional central barrier and the inclined drainage area of our PVC windows ensure perfect water evacuation.

To be sure of the quality, the profiles are subjected to numerous tests every day. The profiles of our PVC windows are certified by numerous European institutes of quality and E.C.M. after each assembly, it issues all the certifications and guarantees on the product.

PVC windows respond perfectly to the need of modern architecture. They allow the creation of large openings for your homes.

The colors have a universal character, they liberate creativity. The PVC windows treated with the coloring process offered by E.C.M. they obtain a perfect aesthetic finish and will keep their original color over the years.


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