Products and Services at the top of the industry with 10 YEAR WARRANTY

E.C.M. is a manufacturer of aluminum frames and PVC not neglecting the traditional crafts and structural work in iron. Manufacturing capabilities and service are at the top of the E.C.M. sector in the Marche region in terms of quantity and quality.
⇒ Nearly 3,500 square meters of buildings.
⇒ Direct control of the entire production process.
CE Marking and relevant certificates and labels
⇒ Wide range of machinery continuously updated.
⇒ Possibility of direct purchase in the company at competitive prices without sacrificing the highest standards of design and quality.

Our products are quality assurance, long-lasting, low-maintenance and are covered by 10-year warranty which includes adjustments, calibration, replacement of accessories for factory or construction defects. Excluded are damages caused by users, wear, improper use of the product, damage due to poor maintenance.

Aluminum and PVC: quality comparison 



Flexible and versatile, suitable for all needs and all styles


Strong but lightweight, ideal for the construction of large structures


Island both heat and cold solutions with thermal break.
Allows the sound insulation, improving the quality of life

Energy saving

Enables the power saving both for heating and cooling of buildings


Durable and withstands all weather conditions


Maintenance is minimal


Can be painted with a wide variety of colors to the innovative finishes wood, often used in the renovation of historic buildings


E ‘completely recyclable, it can be used again without losing its basic characteristics.


Resistance to water and wind

Seals are used both for sealing between glass and profile is the joke between sash and frame


Doors and windows out of PVC are compatible with all types of hardware security. The hardware can be mounted directly in the reinforcements. The central barrier and additional increases in resistance, creating a dry zone, even better protects the hardware from moisture and corrosion.

Excellent thermal insulation

PVC is by nature an insulating material. In addition, the windows are built with profiles that have a good coefficient U. The U value indicates the level of thermal dispersion of a material or element. A low value means a high performance and guarantees the reduction of energy consumption.

Sound insulation optimal

PVC also provides excellent acoustic performance, allows the installation of double glazing of different thicknesses. In addition, the seal, thanks to the large contact area for a further cut of decibels.

Drainage perfect

The additional central barrier and the drainage area sloping ensure perfect water drainage


To be sure of the quality, the profiles are subjected every day to numerous tests. The profiles are certified by many European quality institutes


Doors and windows out of PVC perfectly meet the need of modern architecture. Allow the creation of large openings for your homes.


The colors have a universal character. Free creatività.I PVC windows retain their color over the years of origin.

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